Searching For Answers-published in Razur Cuts IV )

Posing questions like an inquisitive child, searching for answers,
Dread and fear that we are fixed, no scope for change,
A habitual sense of unease orbits the solar plexus,
Demonic conspiracies arm in arm with this elaborate nexus,

Shining a torchlight on the mechanics of mind, searching for answers,
The fragility of optimism, exposed, lay bare,
Kleshas force entry, a stubborn demand for squatter’s rights,
Nausea and agitation, the qualified providers, of sleep deprived nights

Blindfold in a labyrinth of esoteric conundrums, searching for answers
Energy depleted, diminished returns, hopes spurned,
‘There’s no such thing as depression!’ so the keyboard warrior rants,
A modern fable, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to bants

The cessation of analysis, no more searching for answers,
Uncomfortable friends, relationship dead-ends, a brain that won’t mend,
Letters of rejection, feelings of neglection oozing from every pore,
Knife meets skin, the endgame? blood and gore.