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A man on the brink.

You’ve been banging your head against a brick wall and finally…at fuckin last…a person gets you. Doesn’t judge. Listens. Shows some empathy. Or is it sympathy? Sympathy is a big heartfelt hug and, ‘I’m so sorry ma man, ma deepest sympathy.’ Empathy is a titled head, fake, intense concentration, a gentle nodding of the aforementioned […]

Special-published by Ellipsis Zine May 2019

I watch them from my chair by the window. Mummy has dressed me in brown, cord pedal pushers and a white blouse with navy-blue bow that dangles from the top button like a Christmas decoration. She tells me how pretty I look. How special I am. I look like one of those creepy Victorian dolls […]

The Pusher-published by The Common Breath September 2020

Am the heartbeat ae this city. The main artery. The holdin cell. Yae wir probly preoccupied wi mer important matters wen wae met. A wiz watchin yae. Digestin yir ivry thought. We’ve shared an efternoon walk. Yae mibbe passed as yae hurried aff sumwher. An a remained still, mindin ma aen business. Observin. Urr wiz […]

Searching For Answers-published in Razur Cuts IV )

Posing questions like an inquisitive child, searching for answers, Dread and fear that we are fixed, no scope for change, A habitual sense of unease orbits the solar plexus, Demonic conspiracies arm in arm with this elaborate nexus, Shining a torchlight on the mechanics of mind, searching for answers, The fragility of optimism, exposed, lay […]

The Famous Glasgow Barrowlands

A favourite restaurant with special memories of time spent with loved ones. A holiday destination that you always return to. A specific view that takes your breath away. Most of us have a place that makes us feel something special. Something powerful…different. Following a hiatus, a couple of recent visits provided me with the confirmation […]

Shifting Ever Nearer-published in Glove Magazine

The sky appears to be closing in, shifting ever nearer Pockets of clouds like bones on an x-ray, floating aimlessly Mind entwined in barbed wire, a network of loops like the number eight Girls with skipping ropes and ribbons, pretty dresses as bait The unwelcome guest, an imminent arrival, shifting ever nearer No prying eyes, […]

The Size Of A Cow

Willie Savage was aptly named. An amateur boxer. Professional lunatic. I have the misfortune of calling him my friend. For now. While I regard our friendship as a noose round my neck, he boasts that we’ve been through everything together. From nursery to secondary school—doing time together in Barlinnie next, he jokes. Sad thing is, […]