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Searching For Answers ( Published in Razur Cuts IV )

Searching For Answers Posing questions, like an inquisitive child, searching for answers, Dread and fear that we are fixed, no scope for change, A habitual sense of unease orbits the solar plexus, Demonic conspiracies arm in arm with this elaborate nexus, Shining a torchlight on the mechanics of mind, searching for answers, The fragility of […]


It’s been swallowed by a monster. Surrendered to commercialism. And it’s getting worse every year, Margaret. But you sign up to their mantra. Christmas this, Christmas that. ‘Can we buy a new tree? It’s beginning to look rather sparse Malcolm…like your hairline!’ Do you remember saying that ya cheeky little bissum! ‘Will we try beef […]

The Famous Glasgow Barrowlands

A favourite restaurant with special memories of time spent with loved ones. A holiday destination that you always return to. A specific view that takes your breath away. Most of us have a place that makes us feel something special. Something powerful…different. Following a hiatus, a couple of recent visits provided me with the confirmation […]

Amazonian Goddess

We’ve all been stung by a rash, ill-advised internet purchase. Last week, I purchased a ‘moon lamp’ that looked roughly the size of a goldfish bowl. In reality, it was the size of a snooker ball. I wrote this in protest! The Amazonian Goddess You promised me the world, that you’d always deliver Whispering sweet […]

The Size Of A Cow

The Size of a Cow Willie Savage was aptly named. An amateur boxer. Professional lunatic. I have the misfortune of calling him my friend. For now. While I regard our friendship as a noose round my neck, he boasts that we’ve been through everything together. From nursery to secondary school—doing time together in Barlinnie next, […]

Leftover Lisa

Leftover Lisa Lisa had no luck when it came to men. Her fingers hadn’t been burnt, they’d been blow-torched by a welder with sado-masochistic tendencies. ‘Men seem to find my little foibles difficult to live with,’ she complained, to her best friend, Molly. Molly attempted to be diplomatic. ‘Lisa, put yourself in their place, a […]

Get Set To Be Scared

Detective Inspector Flynn’s fingers tapped on the table like an under-pressure secretary typing an urgent letter for her demanding boss. She checked her watch. Her thoughts turned to what the protocol might be for such a situation. What was keeping him? He was five minutes late. This was precisely why she didn’t date. But he […]

When Chains Fall Off

When Chains Fall Off Despite the things he had witnessed, he observed through partially closed eyes. A small opening, the size of a pound coin, gradually increased in size, like a balloon being filled with air. The crown of a head became visible, then, his first born appeared as if sliding down a shoot. Open-mouthed […]